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KDrama: A Love To Kill (이죽일놈의사랑)

Posted on: April 24, 2007

Title: 이죽일놈의사랑
English Title: A Love To Kill/Death of Love
Chinese Title: 这该死的爱
Episodes: 16

Rain/Bi (Full House)
Shin Min Ah (Beautiful Days, The Devil)
The story begins with a man named Kang Bok Goo (Bi), a tough fighter. His girl is Han Da Jung (Kim Sa Rang), much like Bok Goo, she’s tough and she spends her day collecting money from people that owe her. Bok Goo’s older brother, Kang Min Goo (Kim Young Jae), left Bok Goo ten years ago when they got into a fight. He had never seen him in ten years.

One day, he meets his brother for the first time in ten years. They chat on a tall building, talking about how their lives had been for the past ten years. On a giant t.v. screen, it announces the wedding of the famous superstar, Cha Eun Suk (Shin Min Ah) and Kim Joon Sung (Lee Ki Woo), the youngest son of a powerful company. Min Goo, in delusion that the Eun Suk he sees on the t.v. is the real Eun Suk, walks to the t.v. and falls of the building. Bok Goo sends his hyung [older brother] to the hospital and finds out that the damage done to his brother was so great, most of his brain is ruined and his brother is now a human vegetable. Bok Goo also finds out that the only reason his hyung did this was because Cha Eun Suk is his ex-girlfriend, though they broke up, he still loves her as she still loves him.

This marriage was only made because Eun Suk was drunk and she slept on stairs, Joon Sung only tried to wake her up, but he fell over her making it look like he was raping her. Someone caught footage of this and revealed it to the public. Joon Sung’s father was ashamed of his son and got angry at him, and the only way to clear things up with his father was to marry Eun Suk though she strongly disagreed, she had to anyway to avoid shame to her family.

Bok Goo gets angry with Eun Suk because he believes she is the reason her brother is a human vegetable. To get her back for it, he applies to be her bodyguard and finds a way to make her fall in love with him by doing all the things his hyung (brother) had done for her in the past to help her remind herself of Min Goo. Bok Goo, in the act of making her fall in love with him, falls in love with Eun Suk and from time to time, forgets what she had done to his hyung. Eun Suk falls for it though, although she resisted. Little does she know that Bok Goo only plans to break up with her so she can feel the pain his hyung felt when she broke up with him…

And then there’s Han Da Jung. What about her? She who loves Kang Bok Goo so much, and is scarred because of him. In truth, it seems to be a bit like Bok Goo is with her because he feels like he owes it to her. She saved him in a fire, and because of it, she has scars. What about this girl who would do anything for Bok Goo, and loves him to death. What about her?

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