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Drama: Rolling Love (翻滾吧!蛋炒飯)

Posted on: May 28, 2008

This new drama with Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang has great potential to be entertaining. Like a typical Asian drama, there’s a theme: FOOD! More specifically: 蛋炒飯 (fried rice made with eggs and other yummy condiments). There’s also the typical love triangle: rich boy, poor boy, and cute girl. We all know who’s going to get the girl, right?

The is a very impressive twist: the girl is blind! Genie plays her character really well. She looks cute even with empty looking eyes. They kind of remind me of anime eyes in Chobits.

Jiro’s serious acting skills have not improved since I first saw him on ISWAK. He should probably stick to the comedic side character. However, I’m a huge fan of Danson Zhe’s performance in the first couples episode I’ve seen of Rolling Love. He has improved a lot since Hana Kimi and his character is very different from his usual beauty obsessed-girly male characters. Sadly, Danson is not the lead (as seen in the poster). I’m still waiting for that day to come.

Number of Episodes: 13
Broadcaster: CTV/GTV
Airing Date: 05/2008 – 07/2008

Where to watch?

Find Rolling Love without subtitles on Youtube and with subtitles at

Synopsis: Leng Lie comes from a well-off family and is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who is widely acclaimed for his nearly perfect cuisine. He is admired Internationally by women and chefs as a representative of the highest standards. Though in Leng Lie’s heart there is a regret from a Valentines Day two years in the past, as singer/songwriter Guan Xiao Shu suddenly hit the big time. Xiao Shu and Leng Lie grew up together as close friends until one day, Valentine’s Day, Leng Lie decided to confess his feelings. Unfortunately, an unexpected accident took place that day. Xiao Shu was victim of a car accident which stole her eyesight. Feeling responsible, Leng Lie decided to take care of Xiao Shu’s future, but not wanting a love based on remorse, Xiao Shu rejected him.

One day Xiao Shu entered the “Fried Rice with Egg” diner. The simple and plain fried rice she ate there had an odd effect on her. She felt relaxed and carefree. Odder still, the cook who prepared the meal could only cook eggs and rice. Michelin was new and a rather bumbling chef. Though Michelin possesed a latent talent for cooking he only relied on the skills his father had passed on to him. With this, he had earned himself a reputation and an income in the vilage by producing 100 plates of fried rice with egg each day. Though, upon meeting Xiao Shi the many flavors of food and love opened up to him. Likewise, Michelin’s frank nature gives Xiao Shu the ability to cultivate an independent lifestyle. All the while, Leng Lie has stayed by Xiao Shu’s side secretly aiding her, witnessing the growing feelings between Xiao Shu and Michelin.

13 Responses to "Drama: Rolling Love (翻滾吧!蛋炒飯)"

I’ve stopped watching after episode 4. The love triangle was dragging on too slowly. Did anyone else continue?

this drama is so sad. danson has to suffer so much. so good! can you believe (SPOILER) genie is able to see again??? was nooot expecting that!!

Jiro is really cute! he should concentrate on comedy shows. I hvent seen d ending yet, but for jiro il be watchng it.

Actually I thought that this drama was pretty good. It was different and it was fun to watch. At some parts I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And yes, Danson’s performance was absolutely stunning. LL had to suffer so much and Danson pulled off LL’s character perfectly. I love this drama and feel that this drama didn’t get the credit it deserved.

It’s a realli good drama. I like Tang Yu Zhe so much. Although he is not a leader in this movie, his acting realli improves.

this drama is so bore, i dont know i think its really bad, bad rating and also so far wif fated to love you.

I’m totally in love with Danson. He’s acting had improved alot! He really suits Leng Lui’s character. I feel so sad for him in this drama):

halo i’m amalay girl


it wasn’t really good…
in my opinion
Genie cries too much
it’s also really dragging

aq sowang yg minat kat jiro ngan danson

hi,anyone please replyme

does anyone know the album to thi drama?

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