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Movie: I Like It Hot (뜨거운 것이 좋아)

Posted on: June 7, 2008

I came across this movie by accident about 2 weeks ago on Crunchyroll and I absolutely love it! It’s about three women, all of a different age group, who are going extremely different trials of love

First there’s the main character, A-mi, a young screenwriter who is dating a useless but occasionally lovable rock star wannabe. She dumps him for a well-to-do (and cute!) accountant but she obvious still has feeling for her ex. Then there’s A-mi’s older sister, Young-mi, an attractive stage manager who discovers that she has early menopause so she starts secretly seeing a sexy younger actor from her production company. The relationship is interesting since Young-mi is very good at appearing heartless but the young actor is a very compassionate lover. Lastly, Young-mi’s teenage daughter Kang-ae is experience her first feelings of love. Her good friend and co-worker advices on dealing with her shy crush. This may sound like boring puppy love but I promise there’s a shocking twist that will change Kang-ae’s story.

I think I really enjoyed this story because everything was so realistic unlike the typical Korean drama. This is generally true for Korean movies. Maybe it is because it’s harder to drag the plot on and plot in a movie or the Korean movies I’ve seen are targeted toward a different audience than Korean drama. The movie is obviously not of PG rating. Relationships in movies tend to be much more physical compared to drama that are mostly limited to kissing and hugging. Sorry, I digressed. Back to ‘I Like It Hot’.

As you see from the title, the movie contains a lot of bedroom scenes. The main character’s choices may at times seem illogical and totally frustrate you but I personally love this kind of movie. If that’s what you like too, watch is movie. Another incentive I might add is Kim Seong-su (from Full House) plays the cute accountant!

Let me know what you think of this movie!

Where to find it?

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A-mi keeps sleeping with her boyfriend Heung-soo, but she knows too well that this rocker-wannabe does not have any real chance to succeed in this tough world where there is no protection whatsoever for talentless men. A-mi willy-nilly stumbles into a better choice — this time, a capable man named Seung-won (Kim Seong-su), who is an accountant for Deloitte’s Seoul office. Except for this guy’s dreadful sense of humor, A-mi vaguely assumes that her life would change for the better if she tied the knot with him.

But what really concerns her is neither of these men. She is, after all, an aspiring screenwriter, and she is determined to finish her first project, no matter what. When it comes to determination and toughness, A-mi is portrayed as a cinematic macho who used to be a hardcore chainsmoker, but resolutely quits cigarettes once she gets serious about her career — a far stronger, almost traditional alpha male approach that is prominently lacking in the movie’s male characters.

Young-mi is psychologically a big girl, too. She falls into a deep sense of loss and disappointment when she a callous (yes, male) doctor tells her that her menopause is the cause of her latest mood swings. Undaunted, she keeps her chin up, and tries not to lose her control when dealing with her sexual partner who wants to have an emotional tug of war.

Young-mi’s cute daughter, Kang-ae, is depicted as a cute seductress. She wonders why her boyfriend has not attempted to kiss her in the past three years, and one of her close friends rightly suggests that he might be gay. Kang-ae is not a sit-and-wait type, so she sets up a private meeting, in her own house, and ventures to initiate what she thinks will be the most erotic moment in her life, only to find that something goes embarrassingly wrong…

Also Known As:…: Hellcats 뜨거운 것이 좋아 (Ddeugeoun geotsi joa)
Year:…………….. .: 2008
Directed:………….: Kwon Chil-In
Genre:…………….: Drama / Romance
Runtime…………..: 112 mins
Country:…………..: South Korea
Language:………..: Korean
Subtitles:…………: English / Korean
Cast:………………: Lee Mi-Suk, Kim Min-Hee, Ahn So-Hee, Kim Seong-Su, Kim Heung-Su, Kim Beom

8 Responses to "Movie: I Like It Hot (뜨거운 것이 좋아)"

I loved it!!! I absolutely loved it!! this was great!!

thanks so much for uploading this!!!

just one more thing, right now I’m at work and watched the whole thing together, but as it’s a call center, my work load depends on callers and not really myself, when I read the title I was a bit worried it might be unsuitable hahahhaaha

great surprise, it was just lovely! I just saw my self in the auntie/sister/middle age, she’s so like me in many things.

Thanks again, thanks!!

Go see it, i didint want it to END. So good acting, and SoHee is so cute and a amazing story!

I just watched it and im in SHOCK… so good movie… so GOOD!
You have to see it… all i can say…(still shocked…)



who sings the title track for this movie?

what’s that song near the end when a-mi starts working really hard on her script and the lyrics include something like “You have to change yourself”?


The song is actually called R.P.G (Rocket Punch Generation) – Whale.

The list of the movie OST is here

Here is a tame version of the song..

That was…

Amazing. I saw pieces of this movie in the Music Video for Wonder Girls’ Stupid(or fool) and I wanted to see it, and now I have, and damn, I loved it.

*and then to think that I’m a guy. Srsly, people keep bitching and moaning about the Notebook being so fantastic, but I say this one for a little drama!!*

And I want the soundtrack too, been looking for it for like, an hour already and can’t find it. *frustrating*

It’s amazing!That’s all I can say about this movie…i just love it!

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