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A Little About Me… A Lot About Dramas

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Right now, I’m at a lack of dramas to watch since Zettai Kareshi and Last Friends are both coming to an end. This is usually the point where as start asking people for advice on what to watch next. And I’m totally welcome to advice if you would like to leave a line in the comments!

But the purpose of this post to list out a couple dramas I still reminisce about, a couple that entertained me while I was watching it, some I never managed to finish for no good reason, and others that I really couldn’t keep on watching.

Amazing Dramas That I Love and Love Still Today (Most Memorable)

1. Meteor Garden (the first season) – This was probably one of my very first Asian drama and I absolutely loved it. Over the years, I’ve probably seen it more than 4 times all together and certain part more times can I can count. The background music really matched and the acting… they weren’t that bad for so many new actor. In fact, this show basically made them idols in much of Asia. F4 should be a household name… at least amongst drama fans.

2. Hana Yori Dango (the first season) – I was really skeptical when I started watching HYD. First, because I love Meteor Garden and it would take a lot to trump it for me. Second, Hana Yori Dango was at a disadvantage since I already knew the basic plot. Third, I’m sorry to offend any Matsumoto Jun or hardcore Japanese-F4 fans but I, not knowing any of the actors beforehand, looked at the choices for F4 in the Japanese version and raised my eyebrows… VERY high. But I think their looks grow on you and I accept anyone who plays Domyouji as hot. Lol.

Sadly, for both Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango, the second season is disappointing. Not so much for HYD but very much so for Meteor Garden.

3. Goong – Do you see a pattern here? I think I have a thing for rich boys and Shin is just sooo cute! I don’t think Korea really have to made their own version of Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango. I think Goong is a similar enough story (or at least gives me a similar warm feeling while watching it but can totally stand on its own) that remaking the same manga plotline will be pointless.

4. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – For some strange reason, I really liked this show. I mean it’s not your typical Cinderella story like the three above but I really liked the character Sam Soon. Sadly, I do not prefer the choice of actor for the male lead. I think they should have a buffer man to match Sam Soon’s larger-than-the-average-Asian-actress frame.

5. Full House – Very cute and very sweet and of course, Rain is in it. Also, Kim Sung Soo who is also in I Like It Hot.

6. Zettai Kareshi – I HEART Yuu Watase for creating such interesting scenarios.

7. Last Friends – How can you not remember this drama years from now? Not only does it break all rules of conservative romance drama but does it so artfully too. The music is amazing and the actors are all really excellent.

The following two parts will probably get a lot of criticism but this is purely my opinion based on impressions I got from the first or first couple episodes of each drama. Feel free to correct me or tell me how amazing they become after the first episode. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever made it past the first episode for most of the following.

Time Passers

These are just a couple examples of dramas that are great a sucking time out of your life. They truly entertain you while you watched them, but after a year of two you realize what a waste of time – no, not that bad… how repetitive their themes are.

1. Romantic Princess – Not only is the plot unoriginal but I’m pretty sure the purpose of this drama was to show off Wu Zun. I have to say he looked reeeeally good but sadly the acting was still disappointing. He is showing improvement through the years.

2. Proposal Daisakusen – I was so addicted when I started watching… I’m pretty sure I watched it nonstop and finished it in two days. Crazy! But each episode was so much like the last. It’s like… I fail, let’s try again. I’m not 100% sure this drama belongs in the Time Passer category but I didn’t really enjoy this drama. Maybe other people had different experiences.

3. Hana Kimi (Taiwan) – VERY entertaining at the time but really sad acting. Taiwan needs to step it up with their idol dramas. Other good but not memorable Taiwanse dramas include Bull Fighting, Devil Beside You, and Rolling Love.

3. Gokusen – I watched it all but can’t understand why people love Gokusen so much. Please tell me why! I’ve started watching Change which is currently airing as the #1 viewed drama in Japan but I have a feel that it’s going to like Gokusen. You know the overcoming obstacles of the real world kind of story.

Seriously? Drama I Can’t Finish

I tried really hard to watch these because everyone else loved them or many people recommended them but I really couldn’t force myself. I could just be really bad timing. Maybe some dramas I would have loved when I was younger and some I would have appreciated if I were more mature.

1. Kimi wa Peto – Do people watch this drama because of Matsumoto Jun? I guess I should have at least finished the first episode before deciding on a bad first impression.

2. Smiling Pasta – An amazing amount of people have this listed under their favorite dramas and can’t seem to figure what’s so great about this drama. Of course, I didn’t make it past the first two episodes.

3. Goong S – Is a far stretch from Goong and definitely proved Se7en’s inability to act. I admire people who finished this drama. I think I’d rather watched Goong again than watch all the episodes of Goong S.

4. Why Why Love – I know I know. I’ve heard a lot from everyone on the WWY page; people who agree with my horrible first impression and people who are madly in love with the drama. I’ve had second thoughts on whether to give it another try but I already tried really hard the first time and even made it past the first episode… in the end, I don’t think I want to look at Rainie scrunching up her face and Mike He “giving off electricity”. (“Giving off electricity” or 放電/fangdian in Chinese in Taiwan means to give off sparks with one’s eyes in order to attract the opposite sex.) However when Mike He does that, he kind of looks cross-eyed or at least silly. Why can’t he just express his natural attractiveness?

5. Silence – Zai zai of the Taiwanese F4 is it and basically that was my only reason for first checking this drama out. The plot even sounded interesting online but it just became another drama that everyone else loves. There’s Waiting For You There also with Zai Zai where I actually enjoyed the 5 episodes but stopped watching probably because some other, better drama attracted my attention.

Why Did I Watch This?

1. Summer X Summer – Wu Xiong as the female lead? and Joe Cheng being aloof and girly? Was I really bored? I still haven’t found anyone who LOVED this drama. Enough

2. Fated To Love You – Good story but I felt like something deeper was missing through the entire series.

07/30/08 Update: FTLY has somewhat redeemed itself in my eyes. The dramatic-ness of the plot peak somewhere before episode 20 and now it’s kind of just hanging there again. It’s just say this drama could have been a lot better but doesn’t sink to the save level as Summer x Summer. I’m considering mentally moving it to the time-passers section.

I’ll add some more drama once I remember that I’ve actually watched them before!

Drama I Want To Try To Finish… Someday

1. Coffee Prince – Korean drama usually take an episode or two to really pick up the pace. So I think one rainy day I can forgive the boringness of the first episode and challenge myself to like Coffee Prince like every other drama addict. That should be easy since I already love Yoon Eun Hye from Goong. Also I hear she does a really good job in Coffee Prince.

07/30/08 Update: Some point this month, I got to episode four or five. I really enjoyed Yoon Eun Hye’s pretend male role and will definitely someday finished this drama. I promise!

2. Nodame Contabile – Also suppose to be good. Plus Ueno Juri who plays Ruku in Last Friends is the lead here. I didn’t recognize her when I watched Last Friends after trying Nodame Contabile. Her characters must be really different. Thought the first episode was very cute but got kind of lost. Still I am very likely to start this again.

3. Hana Kimi (Japan) – Supposed better than Hana Kimi (Taiwan) so that should be good enough reason to watch this right?

07/30/08 Update: I watched Hana Kimi. It is amazing! I am in love with Ikuta Toma now.

4. 1 Liter of Tears – The plot seems like something I would LOVE! Real life tragedy! I just recently realized that the male lead is played by Nishikido Ryo (Takeru from Last Friends!) and he’s not emo and abusive here. I want to watch this for sure!

5. Nobuta wo Produce – One of many Television Drama Academy Award winners that I want to check out one day.

07/30/08 Update: As promised, I watched a couple episodes. Not bad but I was soon distracted by other dramas. I’m not of huge fan of that KAT-TUN boy, but Maki and Yamapi’s roles are definitely memorable.

Look to here from me on these last couple of drama! I’ll definitely post my new impression of each series as soon as I finish them!

3 Responses to "A Little About Me… A Lot About Dramas"

I will comment more about this when I have the time. But omg wow, I love you. 😀 We have the same thoughts about the dramas 😉

Thanks! Ha, I so glad I’m not the only who hold these opinions.

we share quite the same thoughts on some dramas..but I think on you “Dramas I want to try to finsih..Someday”-list are some very good dramas, you should watch..e.g…actually they are all first I also had my problems with Coffee Prince, but after I got past the first four episodes, I really loved it! And if you start watching 1 litre of tears, buy for yourself a lot of tissue boxes, because..well, you should find it out yourself, I dont want to spoil anything 😀


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