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Last Friends Finale (Spoilers in Red)

Posted on: June 21, 2008

As you please aware that this post contains spoilers… as for how much… depends on the color of the writing. Pink = Not much plot is revealed but there’s some potentially dangerous hints. Red = Significant details from the plot are included.

Here I go…

One word: Sugoi! I absolutely adore the ending. Episode 11 not only completes Last Friends but makes it one of the best dramas ever made!

In my head I had many endings make up for Last Friends and episode 11 definitely kept me on my feet. Several times I thought Ruka or Michiru was going to die. For example, when Ruka and Takeru were riding on the motorcycle together and the screen kept flashing between them and another truck… I was like they are so going to crash. So of course when they do and Ruka is laying on the ground. I was sure she was dead and was quite angry at the director and writer for choosing such an easy way out. Ruka died means all the difficulty of a finale gone. Thankfully, the next scene immediately flashes to Takeru waiting in the hospital and I was like ‘No way! She’s alive!” and Ruka walks out with a bandage on her forehead. What a moment!

Another place the director plays with us is when Michiru is giving birth. (Oh yeah, the baby is Sosuke’s and if you’ve seen episode 10 you know that he has committed suicide.) From the viewpoint of Ruka and Takeru who are standing outside the operating room, we see a nurse running out with bloody hands and shouting for a doctor. Who knows? Maybe Michiru would die and Ruka and Takeru would have to raise her baby. Not too bad an ending. Sorry Michiru fans, the few who are out there. I really want Ruka and Takeru to be together after their little talk on the beach where Ruka carelessly asked if couples, as they age, become friends like Takeru and herself. I think Ruka and Takeru would make an amazing and very special couple.

However Michiru survives and accepts her friends invitations to move back to Share House and they will raise her child together. Ogura finally proposes to Eri! Very exciting moment!

If you guys want, after you have read the spoilers, I can post pictures of this episode. Please don’t hate me for ruining the ending because you couldn’t help reading the text in red, I’m sorry. I really don’t have a way to hide that part except put it in bright red.

1 Response to "Last Friends Finale (Spoilers in Red)"

wow. the ending was really…sad, but a bit satisfactory I guess…

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