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Lookalike: Dylan Kuo and Hayami Mokomichi

Posted on: June 27, 2008

Who else think they are clones of each other?

Can you tell them apart?

Thank you, God for giving us two great looking hotties!

16 Responses to "Lookalike: Dylan Kuo and Hayami Mokomichi"

OH!! YES I ALSO THOUGHT THEY LOOK ALIKE!!! Good to know that I wasn’t the only one! XD

They look alike, I still think Hayami is better looking to me, more proportional.

Dylan Kuo is also a good looking guy, but he seems too slim to me.

I think Hayami is better looking… But they do look similar. I think hayami’s mouth is nicer. For some reason. :/

yaaaaaarbiiiih wsh hal58a8 kllh ….. hayaaaaamiiii i loooove yooooooooou so much >>>>>> oh b9 oh a7bk yshin th2 th2 th2 …..:(

i prefer hayami…..cause he is a very nice guy……..dylan kuo also not bad la…..

haha i thought so too.. i was wondering before why I’m so hooked over Hayami and then, aha, because he reminds me so much of Dylan!

I can tell them apart. Dylan has a better face but his body isn’t as nice as Hayami. They’re both hot!

Of course, dylan is most good looking than ever. i’ve never seen as perfect guy as he is. so tall and even gentle and cool. there’s no better like him before, ^^

hm,.. it cant be same. i think dylan has a small face then he is. and his body is so ughh,.. sexy, and damn sure, he has a good acting too, as he as a model for GuCCi and many more. theres no such a same guy as he is. it would be happier to see him

sure, Dylan is first!,.. i do really really love him,..

what?? excuisme,. the guy is seems like dylan?? who’s tell u that?? sure, it different. everyone knows that dylan is the most handsome actor ever in taiwan, there’s no even like he is.

and one thing i have to tell you guys, he is a mature guy, good man and kind a heart.

vote for dylan,
dylan is no 1, …

Dylan has the better face, but Hayami seems less skinny. Maybe it’s because Dylan’s head is so small it doesn’t seem proportionate.

bsh berkelan dylanguo?

pelboyi ,cakep

semangat ceria selalu pahsemangat .
selalu berdoa dylanguo…cinta kamu…mu.

Yes, they look alike!

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