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Movie: L For Love L For Lies (我的最愛)

Posted on: July 19, 2008

Except for the ending, I love every moment of this movie. It’s full of twists and turns and you can only guess if each character is good or bad, who’s going to betray who, and who really loves who. The English title is fitting since it basically shrinks down to “… Love… Lies” but the Chinese title 我的最愛 which translates to My Most Beloved comes from a line in the movie. One guy tells his girl that she is his most beloved while he is at doubt himself.

If you love movies about love, lies, betray, and revenge or you just like a little bit of mystery in your romance movies, you’ll love Love Lies. Brace yourself for the ending though.

Plot: (Source) Everything was going well for Ah Bo (Stephy Tang) until recently. After graduating from college, Ah Bo decided to open a shop with her long-time boyfriend, Ah Jun (Stephen Wong Ka Lok), thinking that she would eventually marry Jun when everything has been set up and running smoothly.

One day, Bao met her old classmate Kei Kei (Alice Zeng). Kei Kei, being smitten by Ah Jun; decided to steal Ah Jun for her own, not caring about Ah Bo’s feelings. It turned out that not only Bo has lost her love of a lifetime, she also loses her shop.

Ah Bo’s good friend, Ah Man (Leila Tong) and long time boyfriend, Ah Fung (Terry Wu). In the meantime, Ah Fung is also two-timing Ah Man with another woman. Although Ah Man does love Ah Fung, she takes him for granted and thinks that he will never leave her. She is also selfish and doesn’t want to be tied to a single relationship.

After the break-up, Ah Bo found a job as a make-up artist in the mall. Her boss Ah Kuen broke the news of her engagement and invited everyone out to celebrate. At the party, Ah Bo realized that her boss’s really young fiancee is very familiar. She recognized him as her old neighbor Ah Keung(Alex Fong) but Ah Keung keeps pretending that he doesn’t know Ah Bo.

A month later, Ah Kuen’s wedding was suddenly canceled. Bo found out from coworkers that Ah Kuen’s life savings were all stolen from the fiancee, who also disappeared. Ah Bo unexpectedly met Ah Keung on the streets. Ah Keung already has a new target, Tiffany (Suki Tsui). He finds Ah Bo following him. Ah Bo hires Ah Keung to deceive Kei Kei and let her have a taste of her medicine.

One day Ah Keung met his ex-girlfriend, Ah Yun (Linda Chung). Ah Yun told Ah Keung that her family will move to Singapore. Although Ah Keung had deceived Ah Yun’s sister’s money, but they weren’t angry with him now.

As an experienced liar, Ah Keung successfully courted Kei Kei. Being abandoned by Kei Kei, Ah Jun decided to make up with Ah Bo. But Ah Bo has no more feelings for Ah Jun because deep in her heart, she unknowingly fell in love with Ah Keung.

Ah Man finally felt tired and decided to set up a stable relationship with Ah Fung. But Ah Fung tells Ah Man that he wants to break up. In the past 6th months, Ah Fung was actually secretly dating his co-worker’s girlfriend Ah Min (Miki Yeung). Ah Fung finally decided to let go of Ah Man and chose Ah Min for a new relationship. Shocked and feeling betrayed, Ah Man never thought she would be the one to be played.

In the game of love, there are no rules. Just like in this world, there are no strange love, only strange people


Alex Fong as Ah Keung
Stephy Tang as Ah Bo
Alice Tzeng as Kei Kei
Leila Tong as Ah Man
Miki Yeung as Ah Min
Terry Wu as Ah Fung
Stephen Wong as Ah Jun
Linda Chung as Ah Yun
Natalie Tong as May
Power Chan as Ah Wei
Suki Chui as Tiffany
Sammy Leung as Ah Fei
Wong Cho-lam as Nam Wei Bo

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3 Responses to "Movie: L For Love L For Lies (我的最愛)"

why ah keung and bo bo cannot together ??
so sad sia!! D:

ah keung want to change de!! why cannot give them a chan

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