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Drama: Hot Shot (籃球火)

Posted on: July 27, 2008

Mine and everyone else’s most anticipated drama starts airing July 27th! Starring three of the hottest stars in Taiwan. I sure because Jerry Yan (of F4) and Wu Chun (from Fahrenheit), the show will be a big hit in much of Asia. Here are videos of the 5 minute preview and the opening theme.

I’m expecting Jerry to be amazing. He has the most experience but all three male leads are known to be very hardworking. That’s how they got to where they are now right? Hardwork and good looks. I’m not too familiar with the female cast. Coco is known in the modeling world and I’ve seen her on talk shows like KangXi. Both leading ladies have made very few drama before, none of them well-known. I hope they hold their own on the screen.

Hot Shot

Title: 籃球火 (Lan Qiu Huo)
English title: Hot Shot
Genre: Sport, Romance
Episodes: 13
Network: CTV / GTV
Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-27 to 2008-Oct
Air time: Sundays 21:30 – 23:00

Hot Cast

Jerry Yan 言承旭 (Metor Garden, The Hospital) as Dong Fang Xiang 東方翔
Alan Luo 羅志祥, 小豬 (Corner with Love) as Yuan Da Ying 元大鷹
Wu Chun 吳尊 (Romantic Princess) as Wu Ji Zun 無極尊
Zhou Cai Shi 周采詩 as Zhan Jie Er 湛潔兒
Coco Jiang 蔣怡 as Li Ying 李贏
George Hu 胡宇崴 (Romantic Princess) as Wu Ji Wei 無極威

Watch Online: Episode 1

With English Subtitles on Crunchyroll

22 Responses to "Drama: Hot Shot (籃球火)"

hi!!!i hope that this drama will aired in Philippines very soon??

According to news sources Hot Shot is expected to air in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. But I haven’t heard anything about dates of when it would air. I bet you can probably watch it online very soon since it will be a popular drama and will be subbed very fast.

hi raison…

hot shot is currently aired in the philippines…

hi 4 those that r addicted to this drama . I created a group dedicated to hot shot @ plz join 🙂

dis will be aired in aBS-cBN soon…

dis will be a sure hit…

Team Kapamilya tayo

dis will be aired on ABS-CBN soon

dis will be a sure hit…

of course ..

cast plang bigatin na !!

and surely high rating toh ..

i like this movie a lot, specially for the performance of Jerry, Alan, and Wu Zun…they are awesome….

da ying so cute…….

i’m sure that your show will be succesful because i’m the no.1 fan of taiwanese shows gud luck!

i love this series…i’ve been waiting this since chun tell that it will be aired here..i’m so excited…can’t wait for show luo….chun is also cute here

I really like this series… i know it will be aired in Philippines… For sure………


i hope yuan da ying falls to W..i hope both of them be paired up..and is W have feelings for yuan da ying?…i love them together…they look cute…

i really love hot shot

jerry yan i love you so much

alan lou kamu harus jadi pemain basket yang hebat dan bisa jadi serius ya jangan banyak ketawa kamu lucu

hi…iloveu my wu chun


i love you wu chun ……you are so sweeeeeettt

i love show luo….very much………..

i love dis drama…fantastic!
important…laki tu gantang!!!!!

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