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New Songs from Leo Ku (古巨基)

Posted on: July 27, 2008

I discovered this song a couple weeks ago in the attachment of a friend’s email. It’s Nian Nian You Jin Ri (年年有今日) sung by Leo Ku featuring Beatbox X 金牌一條順. I listen to the song at least five times back to back. The tune is addictive and very soothing. I love the a capella background and Leo’s flowy voice.

Music Video (Scroll on) I love that everyone is in a suit 😉

In the same album titled Leo Ku 2008 Jade Solid Gold 2 – New + Best Selection (勁歌金曲2 情歌王), his most impressive song has to be the 12-minute King of Love Songs (情歌王). It is a collection of 32 well known love songs in Mandarin including Leehom’s (王力宏) Forever Love and many classic popular love songs in Chinese.

Music Video: Part 1 & Part 2

I’ve uploaded MP3 files of these songs so look for them in the Downloads page.

What are all the songs in Leo Ku’s 情歌王? Did you recognize them all?

  1. Forever love-王力宏
  2. 两个人的烟火-黎明
  3. 如果·爱-张学友
  4. 童话-光良
  5. 很爱很爱你-刘若英
  6. 我愿意-王菲
  7. 好想好想-古巨基
  8. 明天我要嫁给你了-周华健
  9. 不得不爱-潘玮柏/弦子
  10. 阴天-莫文蔚
  11. 飞机场的10:30-陶喆
  12. 那麽爱你为什麽-黄品源/莫文蔚
  13. 你怎麽舍得我难过-黄品源
  14. 爱我别走-张震狱
  15. 让我欢喜让我忧-周华健
  16. 原来你什麽都不想要-张惠妹
  17. 用心良苦-张宇
  18. 祝福-张学友
  19. 吻别-张学友
  20. 把悲伤留给自己-陈升
  21. 征服-那英
  22. 听海-张惠妹
  23. 味道-辛晓琪
  24. 我怀念的-孙燕姿
  25. 领悟-辛晓琪
  26. 月亮惹的祸-张宇
  27. 我们的爱-F.I.R
  28. 你把我灌醉-黄大伟
  29. 眼泪-范晓萱
  30. 情非得已-庚澄庆
  31. 你是如此难以忘记-梁朝伟
  32. 心太软-任贤齐
  33. Forever love-王力宏 (2nd time)

Nian Nian You Jin Ri (年年有今日)

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4 Responses to "New Songs from Leo Ku (古巨基)"

Hi… I’m Chi Fhai. I love Leo Ku’s song! They’re cool and his voice is…. OK… but sound a bit of girlish. His song have real meanings too. I love his song. But Leo Ku still have many strong fans. Cheer up, dude! I’ll always be your 1st biggest fan, Leo Ku!!! Remember me, Yaw Chi Fhai!

Hey! I think Leo is very girlish! His voice like a gay or don know what is it. Yaw, why you like his old quaverry voice? So idiotic the meanings la. I hate it. I know leo will never success. Don’t be sad leo. I know you would never success, so don’t force yourself ok.

I don’t think you ought to say my idol like this. You leh? Mobakk! Lobak lah! Eat lobak lah, beast! I say Leo’s voice is a little girlish but you will hurt his feeling you know! You say he very girlish wor. You hate it? Nobody want to know. Call people don’t be sad wor! Say people don’t success wor! Go die la!

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Leo Ku 古巨基: 情歌王, 年年有今日 (Feat. Beatbox X 金牌一條順)
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