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Mixed Feelings about ‘Hot Shot’

Posted on: July 29, 2008

Thoughts based solely on the first episode which btw you can now watch online.

Jerry Yan returns as his best played character – handsome rich boy with attitude. Love it! I truly believe that only Jerry has the amazing bone structure to perfectly pull off a condescending yet attractive look. (That’s right, in the world of drama, sons of rich families always have cheekbone that are more spectacular than normal. Their fathers always seem to carry prominent mustaches.) As of now, the audience haven’t been attacked by Jerry’s full blown smile yet. Even his reluctant turn of the lips, a secret smile to himself, is so cute! I expecting ratings to go off the roof when Jerry finally shows his signature dimples later on.

On to Alan Luo… he’s also playing a character that really suits him. Sadly even after gaining great popularity in Taiwan, he still has that poor boy look. So playing the orphan Yuan Da Ying is totally appropriate. Alan Luo on any screen has always cracked me up. His facial expressions might sometimes seem immature but they come naturally to his face. I hate it when actors force themselves to be funny. Alan is just a pro by nature.

As for Wu Chun, I really admire his athleticism in the first episode. So many jumps yet so graceful while performing. He really need some work on playing the bad guy. I’m assuming his character is part of the opposing team since he’s not one of 5 that walks out together in the opening/ending theme. Wu Chun just has that friendly face. Every time he tries to express coldness (i.e. in Romantic Princess) or cunningness, here in Hot Shot playing, his face gets really stiff. Maybe he’ll picked some tricks from Jerry because Wu Chun totally has the chiseled face to be a hot villain.

Looking at the two female leads, I’m questioning why the casting director could get some more prominent actresses to play opposite big names like Jerry, Alan, and Wu Chun. Tracy Zhou (周采詩) is cute enough as Zhan Jie Er. But I keep on thinking what if Ariel Lin didn’t turn down this part. Oh, how much more would I love this drama!

Coco Jiang is of course very hot. Her character W is kind of confusing for me. Is she suppose to a mentor and only a mentor? Or is she going to be the love interest of one of the boys?

My least favorite part of Hot Shot has to be the plot or what I’m expecting the plot to be. The underdog’s rise to success. So old school! Haven’t we seen this story ready? Also, I’m pretty sure Alan’s character is going to get girl… doesn’t the poor, hard working boy alway get the girl? I’m sure if Yuan Da Ying (Alan) was as rich as Dong Fang Xiang (Jerry), DFX might stand a chance. But in a fictional competition between the rich and poor… the poor always wins. Poor Jerry.

My favorite part has to be the Wu Xia inspire aspect of this drama. First, the action packed scenes on and off the court. Second, the humanly impossible moves that usually can only be found in Wu Xia dramas. Did anyone else catch the names of basketball moves used by Dong Fang Xiang? They are all spin off of Legend of Condor Heroes‘s Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms (降龍十八掌)! This of course makes me giddy inside since I just finished LOCH. The screenwriter must be a Wu Xia fan!

Here are the original names of 3 of the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms:
1. 亢龍有悔 Kang Long You Hui (Overcoming the Dragon With Regret)
2. 見龍在田 Jian Long Zai Tian
3. 潛龍勿用 Qian Long Wu Yong (The Forbidden Submerged Dragon)

Compared to Dong Fang Xiang’s 3 famous moves (alterations in red):
1. 亢龍悔旋風式灌籃 Kang Long Bu Hui
(Overcoming the Dragon Without Regret, Turning Style Slam Dunk)
2. 龍在 Zhang Long Zai Ye
3. 龍勿用 Bao Long Wu Yong

Please excuse my pitiful translations. Here’s some reading about some of the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms.

41 Responses to "Mixed Feelings about ‘Hot Shot’"

omg! you are right. i thought that they were just using the same names from the 18 dragon palms! wu zun is really hot in this drama.

You made me want to watch this! 😀

Sadly even after gaining great popularity in Taiwan, he still has that poor boy look.


It’s sad Ariel Lin turned down this drama. I really love her as an actress 😛

Wow im really xcited 2 watch this drama. on d contrary, it’s gud dat ariel is not part of d show. I really dont like her. wu chun-ella chen Forever!!

oh no. you think ydy will get jie er. oh no. sad. jie er and dfx looks better off. still hoping for the best for dfx

looks lyk DFX will get the girl in the end. it’s a bit boring if YDY gets her, i mean they started off as ok. YDY likes her and Ji Er is friendly to him. on the other hand, there seems to be a love-hate rel’ship bet DFX and Ji er, and dats y it’s sooo cuutee! DFX can’t reveal how he feels, and Jie Er is uhmmm not that friendly to her master that has always bullied her.

omg, i saw the preview for episode 4. and when you are saying YDY gets the girl bec. he’s the poor guy and it usually happens in dramas, i think for HS, they’ll make DFX be the underdog when it comes to Jie Er. in the preview, he is sooo jealous bcos he see YDY and JE hapi 2 geder.!! poor him, gets jealous, but i think he’ll get the girl in the end.

Lemon, I’m rooting for DFX too. I hope you are right and I’m wrong because Jerry’s character is just so cute! I love the plate breaking scene.

i watch it too IT’s SO ADDICTIVE but anyway i think DFX will be with JIE ER in th end and W with YDY.

will there be a sequel?because the ending is left open..who is the female lead of yuan da ying is it coach W because Jie er is the female lead of dong fang xiang…right?

jerry yan’s character here was soooo cute, i couldn’t ask for more..

i agree with you raison.. i also had mixed feelings about hot shot..
show lo is so cute… i hated the ending.. i wanted W and show lo to be together in the end.. they look good together…

so cute…….

so cute…….

hot shot ok

hi i’m your fan Cody Andy & Tyrone

hi……………. hot shot I very like……

ya!i knw hot shot is so ADDICTIVE… i really can’t stop watching it… i watch that everyday at my laptop n i think DFX should get Jie er n ydy should get w…both of the couple looks cute…
god! jerry yan looks so young in this show,i specially lyk his hairstyle..that is so cuteeeeeeeee… i really like DFX’s dress ups(specially the set of tracksuit bottom n top he wears)…..i am crazy abt this show…
before i go to play my basketball match i watch this show…bcoz it is abt basketball as well…


Alan Luo(Yuan Da Ying) I Love You!!!!!!!!


i like HOT SHOT !! 🙂

w suka bgt ma senentronya
cowonya ganteng2 bgt ya


KOKO ALAN LUO,Ganteng banget sih,pa lagi teman2 koko alan luo ganteng juga,n pemainnya makin seru deh,oh ya koko alan luo n teman2 kalian semoga makin sukses y…..

ih woww, , , ,
hot shot menurut iS tuwzZZ keren apalgieE AKTOR NYA
i liKE,,tpie npa cuna tayang s_minggU 2 kaliee
pLEace tambhin donkzz jAm tYaNgnya
d tnggu tiap hrie..



Aq suka banget ma film nya… Aktor nya keren bgt…..

Tapi yang bikin aq kcwa tu knapa cuman tayang 1 mgg 2 kali ?????

Knapa tiap hri ajah???? Hehehehehehe….

Pasti para pnontn juga g pada kcwa…. Ya Kan????

iya nech, q kcwa, msak tayangnya 2 kali seminggu, pda hal filmnya bags bgt lho……….. bwat kak alan luo KISS FROM ME TO YOU THIS JUST FOR YOU…………………

they are so really cool…!!!
i love you so much, jerry yan..!
when you’re coming to indonesian??????
we will be waiting for you…

love y0u..
(DheA nd RaTna)

HOT SHOT…,,,, love You..
this film really c00l nd HOT…

penasaran nie ending crita’y…
kira2, jerry yan jadi sama siapa???
oya, pemeran ketua gank basket jalanan itu siapa sieh??
jgn2 CHI ER..!!!
btw, WU ZUN itu siapa sie sebenarnya di film itu??

so, kpn nie pemain hot shot berkunjung ke indonesia terutama jakarta..
ditunggu loch..

blz ya…

see you,
^ratna nd’ dhea^

Ouwww…… i’m really like it!
jerry yan,alan lou,wu zun i love you all..!!

aku suka bngt ma wu zun
kapan nih ke indonesia


kren buangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddssssssssss

hai smuaaaaaa….. bgi kmu yg ngefans ama alan luo, kirim2 email ke alamat q yaw byar qt bsa ngobrol ……… hot shot, q ska bgt ma filmnya, q pnya ide nih, gmn klo bwat hot shot 2…..

alan luo,,,,,,,,
so cute,,,,,
cool abizzzzzz,,,,,!!!!!!!!….

please, replay hot shot.




HE. . . . . ABIZ BAGUZ

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