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Movie: My Sassy Girl (US Remake)

Posted on: August 21, 2008

US movie? You are posting a US movie on Asian Drama Fever??? Let me explain.

Having never seen My Sassy Girl, the Korean version, I decided to check this movie out when I saw its dvd release. I don’t really know how close the plot would be to the Korean version but I figured what the heck, it’s only 92 minutes of my life. The best I could say about the experience is that the movie was charming. And not much more. The plot seemed Americanized to target its western audience. It was the typical story of a good boy falling illogically in love with a cute crazy chick. Hum, where have we seen that before?

Of course, the love story was set in New York City. Other than the fact that the NYC location gave an excuse for Jesse Braford (the female lead) to be dressed in cute chic outfits, the setting was cliche. Also, the lack of R-rated scenes was the only part that hinted at the movie’s Asian roots.

I don’t really have that many critism for this movie. It was cute. An ok time-passer. And not much more.

Should I see the Korean version? There seems to be a lot of critism out there about the US remake. That makes me guess that the original Korean version is spectacular!

7 Responses to "Movie: My Sassy Girl (US Remake)"

the kr version is pretty good. there’s a jdrama version out there as well.

The korean version really stuck with me but the US version is something that I would probably have forgetten in a few months time. The only reason I can clearly remember the US remake’s scenes is because I’ve tried to match it up with the kr version.

I have to agree with the opinion of the majority: the US version doesn’t live up to its predecessor. I believe its westernization killed it. The idea of a “time capsule” in an American setting was off. I haven’t had time to give much thought on it but the US remake did me realize that “destiny” in America is so much different than in Korea, Japan, China nay all of Asia.

It’s very much worth it to see the korean version. As with the US remake you won’t have much to lose. 🙂

Watch the korean version, doubt you will regret it. The westerners could never have understand what makes the korean version such a big hit. The culture and thinking are all different, unlike the western countries, Asians are more biased towards males while girls are expected to be all demure and gentle, andthat’s what makes the korean version charming!!! ^^

The korean version(original) is the very best. Please dont miss it

J’ai toujours regardé beaucoup de films, et notamment des films romantiques ou d’action. En somme, bien que je n’ai pas vu la version coréenne, je peux dire objectivement que c’est un très beau film d’amour, pétillant, avec beaucoup d’humour et de moments surprenants.
je comprendrai surement mieux les critiques faites sur ce film quand j’aurais vu la version coréenne, cependant, je le trouve qd même amusant, touchant et prenant.
Je le conseil vivement!!!


The korean version is wayyyy better.

jancok crewet kabeh arak goblok

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