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TwDrama: In Time With You / 我可能不會愛你

Posted on: November 7, 2012

Fact: It’s been a year since my last post.

Fact: It’s also been a year since I’ve been tempted to complete an Asian drama series. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this Taiwanese drama – so much that I’m motivated to post again and encourage everyone to check it out.

In Time With You features veteran actress and one of my favorite female leads, Ariel Lin. We last saw her in a classic Wuxia piece, Legend of the Condor Heroes, where she played a bubbly but mischievous young girl with magical powers. In this new piece, she is a 30-year-old modern career woman who’s both parts romantic and cynic.

The main character, You Qing, struggles with singledom at age 30 and seems to have an almost belligerent attitude toward romance. The plot slowly introduces the audience to You Qing’s relationship with the male lead, Da Ren, who’s her best friend and silent admirer. Episode by episode, it becomes obvious the best and possibly only person for You Qing may be her closest confidant. So what’s keeping them apart for 13 episodes? Well…

1. Da Ren accidentally convinced You Qing that he is incapable of loving her – hence the Chinese title for this drama: 我可能不會愛你
2. You Qing’s hot and very persuasive ex-boyfriend, Ding Li Wei, returns around the same time that Da Ren recognizes his own feelings (I 100% approve of the casting btw)
3. Finally, Da Ren’s passive and unselfish nature keeps him from expressing his feelings toward You Qing in the many many opportunities he had until the day he is leaving the country. You

Despide my dislike of Da Ren’s passive personality and sometimes pathetic moments, I do believe that he’s perfect for a strong-willed woman like You Qing. He is the ideal husband – loving, considerate, and completely in tune with your every thought and changing mood. But he is also the polar opposite of the ex-boyfriend Ding Li Wei, who is sexy, charming, but demanding.

The two men in the show both definitely have great personalities that make each of them a great catch – which is why it’s so much fun to follow You Qing’s interactions with both of them! In Time With You also forces you to think about the types of guys you meet in your life – is he a Da Ren or a Ding Li Wei? And who would you rather date?

Interested? Catch the full series here.

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