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Modern setting + wuxia sword play + love interest = Awesome movie!
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! (The cast is adorable.)

KANG So-hwi, a beautiful martial arts prodigy, is about to embark on a journey into adulthood. But her journey is like no other. Her super-human strength and martial arts prowess scares away her fellow undergrads and even the boy she has fallen for. Devastated, So-hwi decides to give up martial arts and takes a different path. Read the rest of this entry »

US movie? You are posting a US movie on Asian Drama Fever??? Let me explain.

Having never seen My Sassy Girl, the Korean version, I decided to check this movie out when I saw its dvd release. I don’t really know how close the plot would be to the Korean version but I figured what the heck, it’s only 92 minutes of my life. The best I could say about the experience is that the movie was charming. And not much more. The plot seemed Americanized to target its western audience. It was the typical story of a good boy falling illogically in love with a cute crazy chick. Hum, where have we seen that before?

Of course, the love story was set in New York City. Other than the fact that the NYC location gave an excuse for Jesse Braford (the female lead) to be dressed in cute chic outfits, the setting was cliche. Also, the lack of R-rated scenes was the only part that hinted at the movie’s Asian roots.

I don’t really have that many critism for this movie. It was cute. An ok time-passer. And not much more.

Should I see the Korean version? There seems to be a lot of critism out there about the US remake. That makes me guess that the original Korean version is spectacular!

Other than the fact that it’s based significantly on the Chinese story of the Three Kingdoms, Red Cliff is your typical epic movie. I estimated that 40% of the scenes are on the battle field and 30% didn’t make any sense to me. I spent a lot time waiting for the 300-like battle scenes to end and the plot to progress. This is a very long time spent considering how long the movie was. I’m even more surprised to find that I’ve only watched Part I.

Despite my distaste with the prolonged fight scenes, I really liked this movie. The cast is wonderful, again the male roles dominating the female. Tony Leung from Lust, Caution playing a convincing and admirable general. Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城 武) previously appearing in House of Flying Daggers is Zhuge Liang, a cunning strategist for the good guys. As for the villain, Cao Cao (I italicize villain since Cao Cao is a hero in other stories, it’s just for this movie that he is the villain), Zhang Fengyi does a great job portraying his passion and his heartlessness.

As for the females: the production crew managed to make Lin Chi Ling, a famous Taiwanese model, look like your average girl, and Zhao Wei’s hairstyle and dress make her look twice her age! I won’t go into more details about the characters or the plot (which you can read below) since I don’t have a great grasp on all that history. I do question how western audiences will be able to distinguish the two battling sides! The men, except for Zhuge Liang, all dress in dark armor and the flags carry Chinese characters. Not to the mention a plethora of minor characters who appear randomly on the battle field.

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Except for the ending, I love every moment of this movie. It’s full of twists and turns and you can only guess if each character is good or bad, who’s going to betray who, and who really loves who. The English title is fitting since it basically shrinks down to “… Love… Lies” but the Chinese title 我的最愛 which translates to My Most Beloved comes from a line in the movie. One guy tells his girl that she is his most beloved while he is at doubt himself.

If you love movies about love, lies, betray, and revenge or you just like a little bit of mystery in your romance movies, you’ll love Love Lies. Brace yourself for the ending though.

Plot: (Source) Everything was going well for Ah Bo (Stephy Tang) until recently. After graduating from college, Ah Bo decided to open a shop with her long-time boyfriend, Ah Jun (Stephen Wong Ka Lok), thinking that she would eventually marry Jun when everything has been set up and running smoothly.

One day, Bao met her old classmate Kei Kei (Alice Zeng). Kei Kei, being smitten by Ah Jun; decided to steal Ah Jun for her own, not caring about Ah Bo’s feelings. It turned out that not only Bo has lost her love of a lifetime, she also loses her shop.

Ah Bo’s good friend, Ah Man (Leila Tong) and long time boyfriend, Ah Fung (Terry Wu). In the meantime, Ah Fung is also two-timing Ah Man with another woman. Although Ah Man does love Ah Fung, she takes him for granted and thinks that he will never leave her. She is also selfish and doesn’t want to be tied to a single relationship.

After the break-up, Ah Bo found a job as a make-up artist in the mall. Her boss Ah Kuen broke the news of her engagement and invited everyone out to celebrate. At the party, Ah Bo realized that her boss’s really young fiancee is very familiar. She recognized him as her old neighbor Ah Keung(Alex Fong) but Ah Keung keeps pretending that he doesn’t know Ah Bo.

A month later, Ah Kuen’s wedding was suddenly canceled. Bo found out from coworkers that Ah Kuen’s life savings were all stolen from the fiancee, who also disappeared. Ah Bo unexpectedly met Ah Keung on the streets. Ah Keung already has a new target, Tiffany (Suki Tsui). He finds Ah Bo following him. Ah Bo hires Ah Keung to deceive Kei Kei and let her have a taste of her medicine.

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I’ve been really behind on keeping a post on everything I watch. With so much free time this summer, I’m moving through dramas and movies (and not only Asian ones either) crazy fast. Here’s the latest movie I’ve seen:

L: change the world

L has to be the most attractive emo-looking character in the Asian entertainment industry. And for playing this role so well, I applaud Kenichi Matsuyama. Other than the horribly graphic scenes of victims of the the infectious virus dying, I really enjoyed the movie. For strange reason, I found the movie quiet comical. Really love the character L and he totally deserved this – his own movie!


Ken’ichi Matsuyama reprises his role as L Lawliet from the previous Death Note films. The film chronicles the final 23 days of L’s life, as he solves one final case involving a bioterrorist group that aims to wipe out much of humanity with a virus with ten times the infectiousness of Ebola, taking a boy, the sole survivor of its use in a village in Thailand, and a junior high schooler named Maki Nikaido under his wing.

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NANA tells the stories of two girls – trendy cutie Komatsu Nana and punk rocker Oosaki Nana. Their personalities contrast highly, but they share the same name. The two meet by chance on the train to Tokyo and hit it off almost immediately, but don’t plan on meeting again after parting ways

Nana Komatsu (Aoi Miyazaki) journeys to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend. A stroke of luck finds her sitting on the train next to NANA Osaki (Mika Nakashima), a budding rock vocalist. Although they part at Tokyo Station, their paths cross once more as they compete for the same apartment. They decide to move in together and despite their differences, introspective NANA and outgoing nana become firm friends. NANA finds a new bassist and reforms her old band, Black Stones. Read the rest of this entry »



New MP3s!

Leo Ku 古巨基: 情歌王, 年年有今日 (Feat. Beatbox X 金牌一條順)
LOCH 2008 (射雕英雄传) Soundtrack: 英雄寞, 乌云然, 我只能爱你
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