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I’ve discovered a cute little j-drama on CrunchyRoll. The main character, Amemiya (played by Ayase Haruka) is adorable. On the surface, she is a responsible adult who works in an interior design company but underneath, she is messy, unladylike, and has the love experience of a middle school students. It was hilarious watching her freak out over a kiss. If you thought Ariel Lin was cute in ISWAK or They Kiss Again. You’ll love Ayase’s character. Sadly, I think she will ended with her married boss since they are rooming together because of some drunken contract. Very Full House like. Cross my figure and hope everything turns out the way I want. That is Amemiya ends up with another cute architect in her company.

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As promised, I’ve started watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e which I will sometimes refer to as Hana Kimi Japan. I like the Japanese version much better than the Taiwanese version with Ella and I absolutely adore Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu (Jiro in the Taiwanese Hana Kimi just can’t compare). Unlike the Taiwanese Hana Kimi where I accepted that Ella’s character would of course love Wu Zun’s character, I really really wanted Mizuki to be with Nakatsu. Ikuta Toma just played such a cute Nakatsu! I loved everytime he said: “Homo ja nai!”

Where To Watch?

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Title: 花より男子 / Hana Yori Dango
English: Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: TBS
Air time: Friday 22:00
Episodes: 9
Broadcast period: 2005-Oct-21 to 2005-Dec-16
Theme song: WISH by Arashi
Insert song: Planetarium by Otsuka Ai

Do I really need to say more? It’s Hana Yori Dango! Watch it! 🙂
Scroll on for Season 2: Hana Yori Dango Returns!

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I was skeptical about how this drama was going to turn out considering my disappointment with Why Why Love. But I think the Rainie/Mike combo has run its course and Bull Fighting is the new drama to watch. Hebe plays the proud and loud-mouth led with her usual cuteness. The role really suits her. Mike He returns as the bad-ass boy similar to his character in Devil Beside You. The plot of the story begins with basketball and episodes are filled with intense and very handsome scenes where Mike He owns everyone on the court. Another bad ass cutie plays a second but silent contender for Hebe’s love and sadly the audience know who she’s going to end up with. I wish Asian drama would make the endings at least a little bit unpredictable. The show is still airing in Taiwan but is available on Youtube without english subs.

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Watch this! It’s much better than any other dramas that are currently airing!

[Update on 06/07/08:

Everyone, I just wanted to warn you. Bull Fight got really boring for me after the first seven or eight episodes. I felt like they were dragging plotline on and on and it was a burden trying to reach the finish the series. Overall, Bull Fighting is not a bad drama but it’s not worth watching if you have a limited amount of free time. Since this isn’t the case for me (with a blog titled Asian Drama Fever), I enjoy the series. ]

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Adopted by middle classed parents, Xiao Mai has always had a dream to be an heiress. Who knew that one day this dream would come true. Xiao Mai’s biological grandfather is the head of a prestigous aristocratic family and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter. As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement, however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be.

Romantic Princes is a nice quick drama that has everything you want in a drama. Cute male lead (Wu Zun from Fahrenheit), insanely rich people, silly comic relief, and a quick moving plot. In this, you can really tell that Wu Zun’s acting has gotten a lot better. Calvin Chen, a fellow band member in Fahrenheit, also plays Wu Zun’s cousin and also a complete playboy. Romantic Princess is a great choice for romantic comedy. There are many sweet moments between Angela and Wu Zun, and the grandpa just cracks you up!

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Why Why Love is a new Taiwanese drama that shares almost the same cast members as Devil Beside You. In it, the leading roles are played by

楊丞琳 / 杨丞琳 / Rainie Yang …… as Tong Jia Di
賀軍翔 / 贺军翔 / Mike He …… as Huo Da
(ironically, Mike again plays the lovable bad boy in this drama)
王傳一 / Kingone Wang …… as Huo Yan

Sadly, the show compared with Devil Beside You is rather immature. Maybe it targets a younger audience but performance and the plot development is at a completely different level. I do not recommend.

Summary (Wiki Drama)

Tong Jia Di needs a life besides work, paying down family debt, and more work. So her best friend Jiang Xiao Nan sneaks in a “Love” coupon in Jia Di’s ruffle box praying that the lucky guy who draws it will sweep Jia Di off her feet. As it so happens, Huo Yan, the compassionate manager Jia Di has secret crush on, is the lucky guy. But, tho’ the prince can exchange the coupon for Cinderella’s love, it doesn’t mean he will, especially when his devilish younger brother is determined to exchange his “Master/Angel” coupon for her servitude.



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Leo Ku 古巨基: 情歌王, 年年有今日 (Feat. Beatbox X 金牌一條順)
LOCH 2008 (射雕英雄传) Soundtrack: 英雄寞, 乌云然, 我只能爱你
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