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Logistics: I haven’t posted in a while but here we go. If I’m a roll, I’ll write a new post for each new drama that I’ve enjoyed since my last update. Someone suggested that I put a grade for each of the drama I review. I really like the idea and hopefully it will help you guys decide what to watch next.

So the drama I’m writing about is one that’s got my wednesday and thursday night schedules in a mess. I basically stay up waiting for new episodes to be translated and released on at midnight. I usually like waiting for an entire series to be completed before I start watching in order to maximize instant satisfaction but I couldn’t keep myself away when it’s… a KOREAN REMAKE of It Started With A Kiss (恶作剧之吻).

To sum the entire series in one word: it’s Adorable! You’re not going another cuter couple in the entire Korean drama universe. You’ll find that the handsome male lead also played Rui in the Korean Boys Before Flowers. The female lead also appears in Bad Boy as an over-privileged and rebellious teenage girl.

Oh Ha Ni essentially has a six-year crush on her classmate, the world class genius Baek Seung Jo. Unfortunately, she is clumsy and not (by far) the brightest of the bunch. However, higher powers at play help her out a little when her father’s house collapses and they move in with Seung Jo’s family.

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Leo Ku 古巨基: 情歌王, 年年有今日 (Feat. Beatbox X 金牌一條順)
LOCH 2008 (射雕英雄传) Soundtrack: 英雄寞, 乌云然, 我只能爱你
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