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knock-knock-loving-you2Good or bad? That’s a tough question for this drama. It definitely had it high points but the plotline never went the direction that I had wanted.

I watched almost all the episodes, skipped most of the scenes between the two major characters and prayed that Guan Xi (Ming Dao’s character) would be successful. The major downfall of this drama is basically that they hired two models who can’t act as the lead.

Xue Ge as a character was simply pitiful. I felt no pull toward this person. He makes mistake after mistake and has almost no idea what’s going on to people around him most of the time. Couple the weak character with a bad actor, I was of course rooting for the other guy.

Guan Xi was another story. This was a person who knew what he wanted and went after the girl with the suave and tactical moves of a male lead. Ming Dao perfectly portrayed  confidence mixed with a bit of cockiness.

Maggie Wu just got on my nerves most of the time. In the drama, she had the whiniest and nasal-est voice ever! I realized that this was not her real voice from watching her on other shows but they really messed up her voice. It drove me crazy in some scenes. Now this is her first major role but her performance was not up to par. Her body is amazing so I think they should keep her in the modeling industry. But give her some acting lessons before you put on the screen again!

Maybe some of you were more receptive to the new actors and tolerant of the plotline, let me know if you totally disagree with me or if you know where I’m coming from. Despite all my complaints, I did finish the series. One last complaint, terrible ending!

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