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I came across this movie by accident about 2 weeks ago on Crunchyroll and I absolutely love it! It’s about three women, all of a different age group, who are going extremely different trials of love

First there’s the main character, A-mi, a young screenwriter who is dating a useless but occasionally lovable rock star wannabe. She dumps him for a well-to-do (and cute!) accountant but she obvious still has feeling for her ex. Then there’s A-mi’s older sister, Young-mi, an attractive stage manager who discovers that she has early menopause so she starts secretly seeing a sexy younger actor from her production company. The relationship is interesting since Young-mi is very good at appearing heartless but the young actor is a very compassionate lover. Lastly, Young-mi’s teenage daughter Kang-ae is experience her first feelings of love. Her good friend and co-worker advices on dealing with her shy crush. This may sound like boring puppy love but I promise there’s a shocking twist that will change Kang-ae’s story.

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Leo Ku 古巨基: 情歌王, 年年有今日 (Feat. Beatbox X 金牌一條順)
LOCH 2008 (射雕英雄传) Soundtrack: 英雄寞, 乌云然, 我只能爱你
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