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Other than the fact that it’s based significantly on the Chinese story of the Three Kingdoms, Red Cliff is your typical epic movie. I estimated that 40% of the scenes are on the battle field and 30% didn’t make any sense to me. I spent a lot time waiting for the 300-like battle scenes to end and the plot to progress. This is a very long time spent considering how long the movie was. I’m even more surprised to find that I’ve only watched Part I.

Despite my distaste with the prolonged fight scenes, I really liked this movie. The cast is wonderful, again the male roles dominating the female. Tony Leung from Lust, Caution playing a convincing and admirable general. Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城 武) previously appearing in House of Flying Daggers is Zhuge Liang, a cunning strategist for the good guys. As for the villain, Cao Cao (I italicize villain since Cao Cao is a hero in other stories, it’s just for this movie that he is the villain), Zhang Fengyi does a great job portraying his passion and his heartlessness.

As for the females: the production crew managed to make Lin Chi Ling, a famous Taiwanese model, look like your average girl, and Zhao Wei’s hairstyle and dress make her look twice her age! I won’t go into more details about the characters or the plot (which you can read below) since I don’t have a great grasp on all that history. I do question how western audiences will be able to distinguish the two battling sides! The men, except for Zhuge Liang, all dress in dark armor and the flags carry Chinese characters. Not to the mention a plethora of minor characters who appear randomly on the battle field.

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